Elena Gred

Passionate about Web design and UI/UX

My works

Procurement system
Procurement system web design for corporate website of Central Bank of Russia
Fireworks shop
Online shop for selling fireworks and fire show devices
Mobile telephony services
IAS trainings
Teaching the learning organisation
Russian society 'Knowledge'
Design of presentation and web-design of the new site for teachers and students
Bank VTB24
Design of internal portal and its presentation for VTB24
Hockey club
Mini online shop for hockey club
State procurements
Russian state system of procurements
National Trade Mark
Programs for helping farmers to realise their products
Global House
Law firm
One of the largest chemical companies of the Russian Federation
Wholesale supplier of wood pellets
Elite spa with lots of programs
Eco-friendly wooden bicycles for kids
Strange arts' site
Minimalistic portfolio for artist
Russian University
Plekhanov Russian University of Economics
Garage Space
Storage solutions and room packages for garages
Sale of non-ferrous and copper metal
Pizza House
Food delivery: pizza, salads and drinks
Sale of non-ferrous metal
Total Ledger
Presentation for Lanit's projects development and support
Presentation for Beeline
Presentation of data processing system for government services
Lanit. –°areer
List of vacancies in LANIT companies
Presentation for Pempal
Four slides for light presentation about government site
Federal Treasury
Presentation about creating contract system for Federal Treasury
Information security
Big presentation for CNEWS about government site
Presentation for Bank of Russia
Light presentation in its brand colors
Presentation for Russian Ministry according its corporate identity
Government's tasks
Five slides of presentation about process for making government tasks
Import Substitution
Presentation for import substitution in Russia
The Federal Antimonopoly Service of Russia
Presentation of the analytic system for FAS of Russia
Menu of restaurants and cafes with prices
UAZ Security
Security company site. For those who choose safe life.
Territory of nonstop music for everyone
Book store
Mobile Application for University Library
Light Steam
Company producing real russian furnaces
Football Store
Home Girl
Internet society for housekeepers and young mothers
Shopping center
Big store to connect sellers of the whole world
Store of construction machinery and equipment
Company for delivery products from China
Wholesale and retail sale of household goods
Your DVR
Russian portal for users' video from DVR
New Age 360
News, articles, events and shoppind. Here you can find all about all.
Trendy Tech
Store of modern electronics
Presentation for Gazprom about internet technologies
Only Gay Bingo website. Get your game on!
Trofimova Group
Site of law company in black&white newspaper style
Compare all
Site for comparing electronics
Kids control
Store of GPS devices for kids
They offer the digit-to-widget ratio of an organization
OKB of Simonov
Attractive page of inviting to start 30-day trial
Rental company for building machines
Better Homes
Real Estate Service
Delivery service to anywhere in Russia
Web Store of clothes from Belarus
TT Market
Big store of sport products
Actual Bio
Polycarbonate to cover greenhouses
Rhythmic Gymnastics Federation
Mucis for unborn child
Mobile application for listening music
Job search
Labor exchange
Marketplace for wholesale trade in Russia
Granit Buro
Company of granite production in Russia
Real Estate Site
Personal opinions about everything
Social network for organizations
Fans' club
Site of diffrent fans' clubs
Custom Cabinets
The ultimate collection of wood species, door styles, and finishes.
Techno Hit
Store of electronic devices
New Me
Store of handmade goods for newborns
System for making personal business
Site of company for booking appartments in Moscow hotel Izmaylovo
V Magazine
Company for helping with opening restaurants
Rental company of generators
Russian Mothers
Russian Public Community for helping mothers
Optima Store
Store of electronic devices
Corporate administrator
Computer service for big companies
Fortrast Global
Building company
Business training